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  • R E L A T E D T H I E V E S // ~Y U M E~

    R E L A T E D T H I E V E S is a new project of someone you may know.
    He works with me sometimes, but it’s not the guy you thought it was.


    This is somehow connected to CATACOMBIUS.

    With the Release of R E L A T E D T H I E V E S’ ~Y U M E~, CATACOMBIUS will be reborn as a label.

    Thank you..

    xx, Lucius

    latest to my label CATACOMBIUS :)

    Yume means “Dream” in japanese I guess..

    xx, Lucius

    March 29
    #R E L A T E D T H I E V E S // ~Y U M E~
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  • metronomy

    • I've just written a huge review of their lovely album but it got lost because of the FUCKING tumblr app. No wonder I've never used it. : (
    • xx, Lucius
    March 3
    #so sorry

    (Add On; MSSINGNO originated from Pokemon’s MISSIGNO. But google that yourself if ou don’t already know the story. -Or even felt it, like most of us did-)

    Wow, well.. I’ve found this Producer a while back on Tammy Szu’s likes/channel..

    Umm, when I’ve been to London for new years and a few days extra, I’ve been to ROUGH TRADE once (as usual) as MSSINGNO got played. It sounded so familiar I’ve had to ask for the names, as it’s been a while. well, I’ve got that EP and shit. it’s some of the best electronic stuff I’ve EVER heard.

    Sample artistic, amazingly correct beats and melodies, unforgettable all in all.

    I can’t even give you an advise on what track to listen to, so I’ve decided to post his production mix. it’s featuring most of the stuff he’s done.

    Anyway, here’s my top whatever. it’s not really in an order, it’s just my personal top tracks.


    Yep, it’s his EP. The whole EP. haha. 

    No I meant that.

    Anyway, my favorite’s probably XE2 & XE3. also Skeezers and 124th ;)

    damn I’m tired.

    xx, Lucius 

    February 17
    #rough trade
  • Soul Bells & マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Groove City-溝都市

    Not gonna say anything about that. Shit’d so cash, the beat is theirs.

    Oh yeah. Thanks, ARTZIE MUSIC

    xx, Lucius

    February 17 – 1 Notes
    #Soul Bells & マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Groove City-溝都市
    #artzie music

    Then, there’s GLASSPOPCORN. A blonde american dude who must be about 15 (I’m sorry if you’re not).

    Well, um.. I got on that one through YUNG LEAN (Will be in Switzerland live soon, btw.) and I really really thought “Wow, toght beat but shit those kids, what are they up to?” 

    Well, I stayed in and watched the rest of the video. when that blonde dude, Glass, starts rapping. Well I didn’t expect that. a rather deep voice and pretty great mixed at all came up through the speakers.

    I’ve checked out his other tracks. this dude has quite a lot of potential!

    so all in all; big ups, GLASSPOPCORN, got your back.

    xx, Lucius

    February 17 – 2 Notes
    #HIP HOP
  • -You may see this as a hint for what I’ve been up to during my “absence”

    Komm, süsser Tod (EVANGELION)

    WHATEVER. I hope y’all have watched Evangelion. The Series as also the Movies. 

    This is the song the world ends with..

    make fun of me, but i just think this is an incredibly beautiful song, kinda not fitting at all bt believe me, it is.

    The only thing I could live wthout is the musically-part. you’ll notice. I’m yure you will.

    xx, Lucius

    February 17
    #Komm susser Tod
    #Komm süsser Tod
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    #sweet death
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  • Liphemra - ‘Young’

    I know I’m late on this but this is just pretty pretty great and.. unhelathy.

    nah I’ sure it’s healthy

    Anyway she’s got newer tracks. like this remix by 

    4e ºƒørevr

    , which was released pretty much almost 2 weeks back.


    come on alright let’s go gotta work a little harder, huh?

    xx, Lucius

    February 17 – 1 Notes
    #Liphemra - 'Young'

    FUCKING YES. Some asian electronic music. old like hell, classig 2007.

    HERE's the video btw. showing a japanese lady. SO 2007.

    Why don’t I post the video, huh? well. You may know PERSONA. I’ve played Persona 4 (The Golden) and someone’s put a custom soundtrack to the next part together. this one’s a part of it and it ust grew on me.

    On the same playlist, there’s THIS ONE 

    DJ DECKSTREAM _ (feat. mimoza)

    Which is dope Japanese drum ‘n’ bass. including vocals. english vocals, though.

    Shit, I love that stuff. haha I better don’t tell you what I’ve been doing in my time of absence. Actually i’m still doing it.

    Is this even something you can “do”?


    Enjoy this asian butter.

    xx, Lucius (Senpai)

    February 17 – 8 Notes
    #PERSONA 5
    #dj kawasaki
    #dj deckstream
  • Going on with this one.

    Probaby my favorite track ATM. 

    CONCLΔVE - Ocean Star (feat. Luxe Calip)

    CONCLΔVE, introduced to me randomly by NVR MND on Soundcloud is a musician from the Philippines.

    I hope I’ve already told you that I highly anticipate the philippines’ growing music scene. Just to mention some of their best acts, there is supernatural-talent EYEDRESS (incl. Skint Eastwood), creator of mine and many others’ dream world SKYMARINES (-You can still get the mixtape she’s made for NOTS, <3 we love you, Isa :) )

    my last words: Best music scene right now? watch the philippines.

    Now many more words, back to  CONCLΔVE, who’s actually teamed up with Luxe Calip, another Singer from the philippines. As I recall, she’s just doing covers ATM.. Umm well, check her out herself.

    Her voice is, yes, pretty much like Lana Del Rey’s, whose lips though, wouldn’t have fitted the video imo ;)

    Now that this song’s quite a chillwave masterpiece (even though it sounds really uncomplicated. well, this makes it even greater. SOMETIMES.), CONCLΔVE is actually a Witch House producer.


    keep your eyes shut.

    xx, Lucius

    February 17 – 1 Notes
    #luxe calip
    #lana del rey
    #witch house
    #skint eastwood

    Ben Mono - Jesus was a B-Boy

    what can I say? repetetive, dope vocals and just verything amazing.

    who played it? some 40+ year old skinny dj who actually looked like your maths teacher from fifth grade.

    -no joke

    probs 2 that guy, giving me a blessing night even though I wanted to stay at home for ONCE.

    xx, Lucius

    February 17
    #Ben Mono
    #jesus was a bboy
    #b boy
    #deep house
  • Whoops, sorry y’all- we- I mean, I- Will be back soon.

    It’s been lazy, pretty busy days. what am I saying, it’s been too many nights.

    On this picture you can see me crying because i didn’t care enough about u.

    I’m comin’ back at ya with a shitload a music.

    yo boy,



    xx, Lucius

    February 17
    #extremely sad
  • Some fresh techno from Munich by a young guy called Benjamin. Didn’t hear techno in the past few years but this gave me goosebumps. 


  • Look what i found here:

    YASKA - Falling Twins

    your Rob

    December 3
  • Cool Song by Diane Coffee with a awesome videoclip.

    November 25
    #diane coffee